Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wargaming Lebonan 1983 and the Beast

Last Saturday  Rich Uncle Pat put on a game using Rock the Casbah by Two Fat Lardies.  Anton and I where the PLO.  And three other gentlemen where the IDF.  I hope that Anton will be posting the pictures of the marathon game.  We started at 1300 hrs and end at 2320 hrs with only a pizza break. The battle didn't go good for the PLO.  We did manage to knock-out a Merkava.  But this was after about 10 round of RPG's .  But there was the Beast a Balaton D9 Dozer that would not die.  Anton and must of fired 50 RPGS on.  Lost several squads of PLO in the process to trying to knock.  The killer dozer had a pal in the form of M163.  This APC never run out of ammo.  For vehicle that only carries a 1000rds it destroy more squads and snipers than any vehicle of IDF squad. Needless to say it turned out to be a Bad day for PLO

Today I found this picture on Missing Lynxs..   A 1/72 Balaton Dozer, the vehicle is a  piece of art. 
The Beast

On another note. My M5 have been shipped by the War Store for my IDF halftrack project. The M3 are finished. Just need to take pictures.

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