Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Visit to Fort Pulaski outside Savannah Georgia

First real vacation in twenty year was visit to Orlando Florida to Universal City.  A stop in Savannah was a travel stop for the night.  My first visit to Fort Pulaski was in 1982. The Air Guard unit I was with had a four days mini red flag.  Where our A7D where in the thick of a bomb competition only to come it second again an F16 unit.   

Well to Fort Pulaski, the first visit the Fort was very well left untouch.  You could see the shell hole in the interior of the Fort.  The one wall still had some gaps in it.  But the impressive part was the shell lodge in the door structure of the wall.   Just an amazing place.  Part of the stop was to show my wife, who is a Civil War buff like me..  The Fort has been restored.  Shell hole in the interior are gone. The powder magazine wall has been rebuilt.  Plus the shell removed for safety reasons??  

Fort Pulaski was the first American Fort to be destroyed by shell fire.  When the commander officer of the Fort contacted General Lee stating that the Union Force where building siege positions.  Lee's reply was not to worry no one can destroy the Fort with shot.  The Union forces proved him wrong.  The rifled cannon destroyed the Fort.  For more information go to this website. Fort Pulaski

Now for the photos:

 Fort Pulaski entrance.

 20 pound Parrot Cannon
 The above photo is the picture where the shell stuck next to the magazine door.
Wisely the Fort Commander surrendered shortly after the shell hit.  The magazine had tons of Black powder in there at the time.
 Cannon Port facing the Savannah river.
 Shell holes in the wall
 Picture of the wall the was destroyed by Union cannon fire. You can see the small gap in the center.

 This show the gap in the Forts wall.