Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How to attach those blood spears on your Saxon Warriors

I know most people hate attaching the metal spears on the warriors.  90 percent of the time the suckers fall off in the middle of an epic battle.  The other day I decided to post for help of  TMP.   The answers came in from fellow gamers.   I decided to post these methods on the blog.

1. Apply a small amount of white glue on to figure's hand. Apply superglue on the spear. Join. White glue will goo in few seconds because of contact with superglue. It will hold your spear until superglue sets completely.

2. Dab of locktite gel crazy glue on the hand, lick the spear (or otherwise wet it), attach; water accelerates the grab of the crazy glue and will hold it after a few seconds until it completely cures

3. Contact cement. Small dab on hand, likewise on spear , wait 5-10 minutes, join. Set up a dozen at a time. For extra solid support, after a few hours, put a small drop of Gorilla super glue on join. So the cement holds the join and the glue solidifies it.

4. A friend has a good method, He closes the hand with pliers , then drills a hole for the spears and drops them through the holes . He then superglues the spear

5.Put a little brown stuff in the figure's hand, and super glue on the spear. The brown stuff holds it on place while drying, strengthens the bond, and may even accelerate drying time.
Green stuff would probably work too, but I haven't tried it

6. well my solution is resin epoxy and patience thet rarely come off then .Supa glue is fraught with fragility.

As you can see the white glue covered with super glue is the leading method.  Now time to go into the dungeon to working on my Saxon's


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