Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy Year

To all the people that have followed my rambling on this blog..   Have Safe and Happy New Year. May 2015 be a great year for all..


Monday, December 29, 2014

2015 releases from Zevzda

Looks like some great 1/100 scale armor is going to be released next year....

For the US Army
  Grant  US and Soviet
 Stuart  Early model?

Modern armor which I am excited about because there are some vehicles for the 73 war.

M109 IDF & U.S.
ZSU-23  Anti aircraft tank
Soviet heavy truck.

Saturday, December 20, 2014


 A week ago on friday I retired.  Being 66 it was time.  Plus I had grown tried of the B.S at GM.  Specially for contract designers..  Little does anyone know GM has made contract designer to unpaid days off or as they put it furlough day.  The company made record profits this quarter, but due to budget short fall they made take time off.  Note this didn't effect the direct or union people.  Being a second class worker I decided to retire.

So far my retire hasn't turned out like I wanted it to be.  Wednesday our refrigerator burnt up. Yes I could smell something burning.  The compressor failed.  A refrigerator set me back 1200 dollars.  Hope to catch up on my Romans and other project.  Plus may started selling off items the have collected dust for years...


Punch Customs 1/6 creation

I found this amazing blog for 1/6 model figures.  The models are stunning.   One feels this figures could talk to you.  His face book page is Dorgmal Snow

Punch customs

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Something different 1/48 FW-190A8

 My first love was building aircraft.   This year I rejoined the IPMS after not being a member for almost 30 years.  All the different paint schemes of German, American, and British aircraft is what drew into Plastic model Aircraft.  Today I thought maybe some of the people that follow my blog might like to see what I have done.  Painting hundreds of miniatures takes time. Making a model airplane can be relaxing. Plus a change of pace.

No pictures of my Roman Project. Why because damn flu has been beating me up pretty big the past two weeks. So tried of having a runny nose and death cough. 

Here is my FW-190.   May start a blog just with aircraft.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Battle front releases the M38 Jeep

Mine are on order from battle front.  I have been awaiting for some one to make these jeeps.  Used in the 60's and 70's by the US Army.   And the IDF with the recoiless rifle make a real nice vehicle killers. 

Also I got an email from Suan of S & S models. The T54 bridge is close to going into reproduction Now I need to purchase a few more T54s.. Stay tuned for updates

Friday, November 28, 2014

Praetorian Guards

These poor troops have been in the box of  neglect for over a year now.  All that was need was finishing some highlights.  Decal the shields..   Which as you already know is a real pain in the ass.  LBM decals are so beautiful. But the amount of work and care to it right is frustrating at best.    The stand is from Warbases in UK.  They are the nicest to people to deal with.  Any problem is quickly fixed at no cost to the buyer.

One day I hope to put my Roman troops on the table to do battle.  Keep an eye on my blog as the next phase is a Roman watch tower.  To be closely follow be a Roman Fort.    Next year I hope to retire. But one never knows what the future holds.  On to the pictures.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Miss the Challenge

Looks like I waited a little to long for apply for the Challenge.  There is always next year.  At least I got a bunch of Romans primed to paint.  Along with getting them glued to their bases. 

Now back to finishing the ones that are almost finished.  Plus back to putting the shield decals on. That is a pain in the

Republican Roman update.

Here are the pictures I promised.  Sorry for the quality of the pictures.  My wife has move my photo box and lights to somewhere in our basement...

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Would like to wish a very Happy Thanksgiving to all the people that follow this blog.  Travel safe and enjoy the meal...

Old Sarge

Analogue Hobbies Challenge

 Going to try to join the Challenge.  The challenge looks like fun.  This year I have painted a lot of miniature figures and armor.   Now I need to glue some figures together.  Still have 2 boxes of Roman Allies and a box Republican Romans.  Digging through a pile of unpainted and primed 28mm Germans.

I have finished my Middle period Warlords Romans.  Just need to post a picture of the complete legion...  Also on the bench is PSC company's late Pz III's and some Pumas from Forged in battle. Wish the challenge include some

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

BF 109 G-4 in flight

There is nothing like the sound of the engine of a Bf-109.  The whistle of the turbo charger and sound of the V12 engine is music to my ears..   Hope you enjoy this video.

Red 7 Bf-109 G-4 flies again

Sunday, November 2, 2014

T55 bridge layer in 15mm

Troop of Shew has building a T55 bridge layer.   S&S minatures is going to produce them.  You will need these for the Golan Heights.  The scale is 15mm.

If you like them contact:

T55 Bridge layer

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Victrix Republican Roman shield decals

Yesterday my shield decal where delivered in the mail from the U.K.  Last night I painted the back of the shield with Testors Wood color paint.  After this post I heading to the hobby room to finish up some of the shields..  Below are the designs I picked...

Monday, October 27, 2014

ME262 found in the Netherlands

Interesting video of a ME262 being dug up on Oct 25, 2014.  The fighter crashed on Sept 12, 1944.

ME 262 crash 

Museum link

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Anton's Agincourt massive 15mm battle

Looks like Anton had another mega game.  This time is was Agincourt in 15mm.  The rules that where used are Fields of Glory.  The out come again was the French lost.  Take a look at his AAR. While you at his site look at his WW1 up coming game for Pro or Con this November.

Agincourt Battle

Monday, October 13, 2014

In work Republican Romans ( Victrix)

Here are some in progress picture of the Victrix miniatures.  These a well done figures.

Not sure about the black feathers.  I need to find a nice dark purple paint. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Basing my Middle Republican Romans.

Last month (Sept) I had ordered MDF movement stands from Warbases.  They a great company to deal with, plus excellent customer service.  The movement trays are from their Impetus services with 20mm diameter bases.  To add some terrian features I used the following items.

Ballast fine dark brown, Earth Undercoat paint, and Iraqi Sand (High light color)
The Ballast was glued on with white glue.  But be warned the MDF movement tray will suck up the glue. You will need to work quickly over wise there will be dry spots.

Step 1) Ballast added to movement tray
After the glue has dried over night the next step was to paint the movement tray with the Earth Undercoat.  Why you ask did I use this paint?   Because I can get it at any never worry about matching the base color.


The grass can be found on line or at a hobby shop.  I really like the Green Line product line.

Step 2)  Added the tuffs of grass to the base.  Prior to gluing on the grass the movement tray was dry brushed with Iraqi Sand. 

 I have no more step. That is adding static grass with the static applicator.  The applicator is in the mail.

This is a work in process I need to add a little more detail to the movement tray.  Not happy with the black horse plume.  Might change the color to white.  Now need to back to the paint table.....

My Trarii are calling.

Added Graven Ganes blog to my list

I'm a fan on 40K.  Some where is my pile of books I have a rogue trader and first 40K rules book. The problem was none of the people I gamed with wanted to play 40K.  They where into Warhammer Fantasy.  Over the years I continue to buy 40K figures, books and most of the related stuff. This amazing conversion of speed bike makes my head spin.

Finding Graven Ganes Blog has wet by appetite for 40k stuff.  I know where the pile of stuff is.   But I must resist my Roman are first priority. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The sound of th Carnyx

 Found this on Saxon Dog blog.  It is a video of a man playing the Carnyx.  I think with would be agreat sound for the opening of a battle

Second I found doing a search for Carnyx.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Review of Republican Romans Mid to Late

Instead of writing a review about Warlords Republican Romans here is a link to a great article. The article of from At the Mountain of lead.  Doc Remington has written a very in depth review.  Enjoy and check out this blog!

At the mountain of lead:Republican Romans

Doc Remington's amazing Republican Romans

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rome is raising Part2, Warlords Republic Romans

Just finished up painting two boxes of Warlords Republic Romans. I tried a new style of painting the faces.   Tried ink this time as a wash.  I figured it was time to try something different.  

The Roman's are mounted on Warbases 20mm diameter bases.  The movement tray is their Impetus 120 x 60mm MDF try.  After trying to decide what or how to base them, which tends to drive one mad.  The Impetus style won.  Being a ten men unit it will work with Hail Caesar, Dux Britanniarum and possible for chain of command.  Casualties can be removed with little trouble.  Also I can use the figures as single base for Saga or skirmish battles.

Next is to finish the painting of the belts and shield.  Next up will be the new Victrix Romans and
Carthaginians.   I have like this period of history.  The armies are pretty well matched to fight each other.

Need a little help the Velites.  What would be good colors for their clothing,

One stand of Romans


War base Impetus 120 x 60mm stand