Monday, January 20, 2014

Churchills and a NA75 conversion

It took forever to get my Churchill's.  It seems the whole world got them before I did.  PCS Churchill's are very well done.  Next to my battlefront Churchill where is no contest to which tank is the best.

Assembling the tank is pretty straight forward. The only part the is a beast to put together is the turret.  Trying to hold the parts together to glue gets a bit interesting. 

Painting the Churchill for the Normandy campaign I use White Ensign Paint number Olive drab BS987C SCC No. 15 (AR B 19).  Found this to be the correct color for this time frame.

You will see a NA75 turret. This was a quick conversion using bit left over from the Shermans.   I had to make a hatch cover for it using styrene sheet cut to size.  I wish PCS would of just put an extra hatch on it.

Now for the photos.

First the NA75 conversion.  Using parts left over from PCS Sherman kits:

and here are the rest of them,

 This a attempt to weather the tracks using migs dark earth powder.

The weathering effect was created using mud from Floquil. I just need to paint the commander.

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