Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pictures of IDF and Syrians by Khurasan

Finally some pictures of my paint Khurasan IDF and Syrian's.   These figures are so nice. The detail is amazing.  Painting the Syrians turned out of be easy after finding good color picture of the them during the Yom Kippur War.

 The IDF turned out to be a different story.  The information on the uniforms during the 73 are conflicting to say the least.  Life Colours has an IDF uniform paint set.  Figuring they had the mix correct I purchased the set.  Beware, the color on the box are correct.  But the paint colors in the bottles are way off.   Next during the quest of finding good pictures of the IDF.  I got a real shock.  As you will see in some pictures at are reference only from a IDF site.

Looks like I will be doing a  little repainting of my IDF troop shortly.

Now for pictures.  First the Syrian Infantry.

The ground cover is not what I wanted.  But it will have to do.  After finding good pictures the grass was dry and brown looking. I think I did a good paint job on them.

Next the IDF infantry:

Here are some pictures of IDF uniforms during the 73 war.

 As you can see the uniforms are a mix and match of colors.  So much for the Dark Green as the only color.

The last photo is a comparison of Khurasan, Peter Pig and Quality Casting .
Quality casting as dwarfs compared to the other.  I may be selling of my Peter Pigs troops shortly.  
                   Left Khurasan,Middle Peter Pig, Right Quality Casting


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