Sunday, October 12, 2014

Basing my Middle Republican Romans.

Last month (Sept) I had ordered MDF movement stands from Warbases.  They a great company to deal with, plus excellent customer service.  The movement trays are from their Impetus services with 20mm diameter bases.  To add some terrian features I used the following items.

Ballast fine dark brown, Earth Undercoat paint, and Iraqi Sand (High light color)
The Ballast was glued on with white glue.  But be warned the MDF movement tray will suck up the glue. You will need to work quickly over wise there will be dry spots.

Step 1) Ballast added to movement tray
After the glue has dried over night the next step was to paint the movement tray with the Earth Undercoat.  Why you ask did I use this paint?   Because I can get it at any never worry about matching the base color.


The grass can be found on line or at a hobby shop.  I really like the Green Line product line.

Step 2)  Added the tuffs of grass to the base.  Prior to gluing on the grass the movement tray was dry brushed with Iraqi Sand. 

 I have no more step. That is adding static grass with the static applicator.  The applicator is in the mail.

This is a work in process I need to add a little more detail to the movement tray.  Not happy with the black horse plume.  Might change the color to white.  Now need to back to the paint table.....

My Trarii are calling.


  1. They look lovely. I'm starting on a big batch of Agema Legionaries myself at the moment.