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Following the defeat of the 1967 War the Egyptian Armed Forces underwent considerable training and re-equipment. For example the 4th Armoured Division was completely re-equipped as well as the formation of a second armoured division. Several infantry divisions were mechanised and the number of infantry divisions were increased due to sweeping reforms.
Total forces committed to the initial operations either directly or as immediate reseves were organised as follows:

5 Infantry Divisions
3 Mechanised Divisions
2 Armoured Divisions
3 Independent Armoured Brigades
3 Parachute Brigades
28 Commando Battalions
1 Marine Brigade
1 Frog 7 Battalion
These forces deployed some 1700 tanks; 2500 armoured vehicles; 2000 artillery peices; 1500 anti-tank guns; 700 anti-tank missiles, including 200 Sagger equipped BRDM2s.

War Minister and Commander in Chief, Ahmad Ismail Ali
2nd Army, General Saad Mamoun/Genl. Abd el Munem Halil.
18th Infantry Division, Brigadier General Fuad 'Aziz Ghali:

134th Infantry Brigade
135th Infantry Brigade
136th Infantry Brigade
15th Independent Armoured Brigade (attached and equipped with T-62)
2nd Infantry Division, Brigadier General Hasav Abu Saada:

4th Infantry Brigade
117th Infantry Brigade
120th Infantry Brigade
24th Armoured Brigade (attached from the 23rd Mechanised Division)
16th Infantry Division, Brigadier General Abd Rab al-Nabi Hafiz:

3rd Infantry Brigade
16th Infantry Brigade
112th Infantry Brigade
14th Armoured Brigade (attached from 21st Armoured Division)
21st Armoured Division:

1st Armoured Brigade
14th Armoured Brigade (detached initially)
16th Mechanised Brigade
23rd Mechanised Division:

24th Armoured Brigade (detached initially)
116th Mechanised Brigade
118th Mechanised Brigade
3rd Army, General Wasel
7th Infantry Division:

? Infantry Brigade
? Infantry Brigade
? Infantry Brigade
25th Independent Armoured Brigade (attached and equipped with T62)
19th Infantry Division:

? Infantry Brigade
? Infantry Brigade
? Infantry Brigade
22nd Armoured Brigade (attached from the 6th Mechanised Division)
6th Mechanised Division:

113th Mechanised Brigade
? Mechanised Brigade
22nd Armoured Brigade (detached only partially returned)
4th Armoured Division:

3rd Armoured Brigade
2nd Armoured Brigade
? Mechanised Brigade
Independent Brigades attached to 3rd Army:

130th Independent Marine Brigade, Col. Mahmud Sha'ib (PT-76 & BTR 50).
25th Independent Armoured Brigade (Equipped with T-62).

1st Field Army (Strategic Reserve)
Unknown Armoured Division:
3rd Mechanised Infantry Division: [1]
6th Infantry Division: [1]
Republican Guard "Brigade" (divisional strength):
3 Parachute Brigades:
Western Command (Libya Border) & Southern Command (Aswan/Nile Valley/Sudan Border)
3 Armoured Brigades
2 Mechanised Brigades

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