Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pasting of John Hill, a giant in the gaming world

 It is a sad day as a great man and gamer designer pasted away.   I bought ASL when it came out in the 70's.  During this time I was in the Navy working the night shift.   It was slow a night just recovering P-3's the had been out on night mission.  My friend and played ASL during that time. The game was fun and the out come of the game could change in a minute.   Next was Johnny Reb I, II and III.  This lead me into gaming in 15mm. Plus Johnny Reb is a good  insight into the American Civil War.  The last purchased before Christmas was Across a deadly field.  I had planned to do a short review of the book.  Sad lost in the world of wargaming.

God speed John...

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