Friday, February 6, 2015

Ancient Chinese by Watchful I coming soon.

On your mongols with have some Chinese to fight.  This new company is hope to have the first casting around March 23, 2015.   The will be starting a kickstart project shortly.  If your into Ancient Chinese Army here you go. 

Here is what the manufacturer has to said.

We have 3 bodies for the warriors on foot (unarmored, lightly armored, and fully armored) and they have a wide selection of arms for each type including arms equipped with bows, crossbows, dagger-axes, spears, straight swords, curved swords, and javelins. The left arm is sculpted to the body and there are two different types of shields available for the left arm. Additional bits include a sheathed bow, quiver of arrows, quiver of crossbow bolts, and 25 different heads to choose from.
The general also has a myriad of arms to select from including both right and left arms. The general has 4 heads to choose from making a tremendous amount of combinations available between the arms and heads.
Our current work in progress are three different chariots including a light chariot, heavy chariot, and a officers chariot. We will be posting some progress of these miniatures as we get closer to completion.

Watchful I Qin dynasty Chinese 

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