Saturday, February 28, 2015

Romans is raising Part 3 Imperial Roman legion

First off sorry for the quality if the pictures.  My better has put some on my lighting for pictures away in the basement.   Been busy painting these troops and with two other periods of Romans.  There are 160 figures of regular legionaries,.   If you can tell I have two legions each.  The legion is made up of normal and heavy armor legionaries.  In the one picture I have part of the praetorian guard.   More pictures tomorrow of finished legionaries.   My count on troop in the Roman collection is pushing close to 600.  Auxiliary troop not in the count.
After placing the figures on the movement stands I realized I short about twenty stand or more. The stand are from Warbases in the United Kingdom.   Need to get on line to order more.

  Thanks for looking

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