Monday, March 30, 2015

Pictures of Bavaria napoleonic uniforms

Again one of the face book pages I follow a gentleman posted picture of his trip to Bavaria.   He visited the Ingolstadt  Military museum.  Great pictures to use as a painting guide.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Waterloo anyone! Check out Cigar box battle mats.

There was talk on  Anton's group about fighting the Battle of WaterlooCigar Box Terrain makes a battle mat 4' X 6'.  It is amazingly for only $79.00.  This company make numerous mats.  Hopefully someone from the group will read this post.

Friday, March 27, 2015

20mm U.S. Infantry inspired by MiniStories

Several weeks ago Mini Mike posted some awesome U.S. Infantry figures he painted up for upcoming battles.  Since I thought the way he painted his figures are spot on for US infantry for WW2.  Well I email Mike to ask him want paints he used.    Mike replied by sending a complete paint guide and how to that he used.  Mike's blog can be found here: Ministories

 Here is my work in progress.  May not be as good as Mike's.  Hope you like them.

Here are Mike's steps on how to do.

. I first paint all colours that are listed first, then a wash, then the highlights. The bold lines are the main colours you are looking for..
Try it, I did way too many testruns  and then settled for this…Noticed you do 15mm as well so I included picture of 15mm painted with these steps.
Let me know if you have any questions and good luck

-Vallejo Khaki 988
-Warlord strongtone ink wash (the small dropper, not the big can)
- highlight 1: 50/50 mix vallejo 826 (med brown)/ 821(german wwII beige cam)..cover most
-highlight 2: vallejo 821 
-vallejo 821 with a bit of white..just 2 or 3 touches

-Foundry Bay brown shade A
-optional the warlord strong tone ink wash
-Highlight 1:vallejo 826 (cam medium browns)..cover most
-Highlight 2: +/- 50/50 vallejo 826/873 (us field drab)
-optional mix in more field drab for another highlight

-50/50 mix Vallejo 886(green grey)/893 (us dark green)
-Warlord Strontone ink wash
-Highlight 1:vallejo 886
-Highlight 2: 50/50 - mix vallejo886/884 (stone grey)

-Vallejo 887 Brown violet
--Warlord Strontone ink wash
-Highlight 1: Vallejo 887 Brown violet
-Highligh2 optional : 50/50 vallejo 887/886
-strap; vallejo flat brown with mahogany brown highlight if you want to go for it

-Vallejo Flat brown
-warlord strong tone ink wash
-Vallejo Flat brown
-Vallejo mahogany brown
Mike Blog is listed on  My Blogs I follow.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Bruce Hazumi amazing game table

On facebook I belong to a group called 1/72 1/76 Model Tanks & Military Vehicles Collectors Group. There are some amazing models there.   Here is what Bruce said:

20mm ETO Game Table
Over the past couple of years I've been building and posting drop down pieces for my game table. Of lately I built a new 4'x3' grass mat that I use to photo my miniatures on. And it came to me that it can double for a small game table. So here are some photos of the layout.

PS Erkenbrand, my Golden Retriever, was reminding me it was time for dinner.

  This would be a great table to do a skirmish action.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

15mm terrain for battle of Jena

I belong to the "15mm terrain" group on face book.  The posting below is  from this group is simply amazing. Everyone gives free information on how to make terrain.. This has gotten me inspired to finish some projects.

Dad builds the Ulimate wargame table and room.

This is something I wanted to do. But my wife took over the basement with her massive amount of wool for knitting. Plus other useless junk.  No can only wish.

Ultimate gaming room.