Friday, March 27, 2015

20mm U.S. Infantry inspired by MiniStories

Several weeks ago Mini Mike posted some awesome U.S. Infantry figures he painted up for upcoming battles.  Since I thought the way he painted his figures are spot on for US infantry for WW2.  Well I email Mike to ask him want paints he used.    Mike replied by sending a complete paint guide and how to that he used.  Mike's blog can be found here: Ministories

 Here is my work in progress.  May not be as good as Mike's.  Hope you like them.

Here are Mike's steps on how to do.

. I first paint all colours that are listed first, then a wash, then the highlights. The bold lines are the main colours you are looking for..
Try it, I did way too many testruns  and then settled for this…Noticed you do 15mm as well so I included picture of 15mm painted with these steps.
Let me know if you have any questions and good luck

-Vallejo Khaki 988
-Warlord strongtone ink wash (the small dropper, not the big can)
- highlight 1: 50/50 mix vallejo 826 (med brown)/ 821(german wwII beige cam)..cover most
-highlight 2: vallejo 821 
-vallejo 821 with a bit of white..just 2 or 3 touches

-Foundry Bay brown shade A
-optional the warlord strong tone ink wash
-Highlight 1:vallejo 826 (cam medium browns)..cover most
-Highlight 2: +/- 50/50 vallejo 826/873 (us field drab)
-optional mix in more field drab for another highlight

-50/50 mix Vallejo 886(green grey)/893 (us dark green)
-Warlord Strontone ink wash
-Highlight 1:vallejo 886
-Highlight 2: 50/50 - mix vallejo886/884 (stone grey)

-Vallejo 887 Brown violet
--Warlord Strontone ink wash
-Highlight 1: Vallejo 887 Brown violet
-Highligh2 optional : 50/50 vallejo 887/886
-strap; vallejo flat brown with mahogany brown highlight if you want to go for it

-Vallejo Flat brown
-warlord strong tone ink wash
-Vallejo Flat brown
-Vallejo mahogany brown
Mike Blog is listed on  My Blogs I follow.

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