Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Amazing Roman dioramas

Found this blog with some amazing Roman dioramas.   There one show the wall the surrounded the city of Limes. and a watch tower near Tier.  There are about 168 pages.  Enjoy

Roman dioramas
Images net

Images net

Images net

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Songs of Drums and Shakos

I subscribe to the facebook page.  The rules have always fascinated me.  That is why I have but up this link;  miniature addiction.   The siege of Badajoz is a mini campaign. The picture below is the first step in the campaign.  These images of from the Blog.  To see the rest go the link above.  Love the idea the campaign, plus the fact you only need a couple of players if you can't find more interested.

Mission One: Storm the breach
storm the breach story board 1 JPG800

battle report mission 1 JPG 8006storm the breach story board 2 JPG800

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Soviet Union WW2 Tamiya paint mix

Soviet Union/ Russia - WWII VVS colours

Brilliant Medium Blue (Light Blue?)
Underside standard colour used throughout the war period 1937-1945.
XF23 or TS23:1 + TS27:3

Olive Green
Upper surface overall colour, used throughout the war. Also used together with Dark Green in two-tone green scheme. The paint darkened with age to to 34151.

Medium Forest Green (Yellow Green?)
Factory-applied overall top colour, typical for Petlyakov, Tupolev and MiG aircraft between 1940-1942

Camouflage Black
Used together with "Tractor" Bright Green in the oft-publicised "tractor" scheme. 1941-1943

Dark Green
Alternate colour to "Tractor" bright green in the green-and-black scheme. Also used together with Olive Green in two-tone green schemetroughout the war.

Olive Green 2
A variation of Olive Green used in Black-and-olive scheme on on early Il-2s etc. 1940-1943. Also part of 3-tone scheme with Ochre Brown and Light Sand-Brown, alternatively Dark Earth Grey-Brown.

Ochre Brown
Used with Olive Green 2 in standard Il-2 factory camouflage from 1943. Also part of the later Southern Front standard scheme.

Dark Sea Grey
Part of standard topside scheme for all single-seat fighters from 1944 onwards. Also used for single-colour winter schemes on fighters from late 1943 onwards. Also used as primer colour.

IL-2 interior supposedly similar to RLM02
XF22:1 + XF49:1 or XF22 or XF23:1 + XF2:1 + XF21:? Or RLM 76?

AMT4 Green

AMT7 Blue

AMT6 Black

AMT11 Blue Grey
XF2:6 + XF18:2 + XF8:1

USAF 1939-1945 Tamiya paint mix

US - 1939-1945

Zinc Chromate Yellow

ANA 601 Insignia White
Standard lower colour of USN aircraft, and aircraft operating over the Atlantic.
XF2:10 + XF55:1

ANA 603 Sea Grey (neutral)

ANA 607 Non-Specular Sea Blue
Top fuselage surfaces of USN aircraft after 1942
XF17:5 + XF8:3 + XF2:2

ANA 608 Intermediate Blue
Fuselage sides of USN aircraft after 1942
XF18:5 + XF2:4

ANA 609 Azure Blue
Lower surfaces of aicraft from African campaign

ANA 611 Interior Green
XF3:2 + XF5:1

ANA 613 Olive Drab
Topside of USAAF aircraft after 1943

Most mixes (09/07/15)
 OLIVE DRAB: XF62:7 + XF4:3 (Nice "olive" color).
\                         XF62:1 + XF51:1 (for a darker, more brown drab)
                          XF22:1 + XF49:1 (faded brown, weathered O/D). 

                          XF22:1 + XF49:1 + XF51:1 + XF58:1 (lighter "olive" color)

ANA 616 Sand
Upper surfaces of aicraft from African campaign

ANA 621 Dark Gull Grey
Topside of aircraft operating over the Atlantic

41 Olive Drab
Topside of USAAF aircraft until 1943

43 Neutral Gray
Lower surfaces in Olive Drab schemes

M-485 Blue Gray
Topside of USN aircraft until 1942
XF18:3 + XF2:1

M-495 Light Gray
Lower surfaces of USN aircraft until 1942
XF19:2 + XF2:1

Sea green

RAF color mix for Tamiya Paints

UK - RAF 1938-1945

Dark Earth
Standard RAF camouflage until 1941, and mediterranean camouflage
XF52:1 + XF64:1

Dark Green
Standard RAF camouflage until 1941
XF58:1 + XF62:5 or XF81

Often reffered to as Sky Type S. Lower surfaces of RAF aircraft until 1941

Ocean Grey
Standard RAF fighter camouflage from 1941
XF18:1 + XF21:2 + XF24:2 or XF82

Medium Sea Grey
Standard RAF fighter camouflage from 1941, lower surfaces
XF19:3 + XF54:5 or XF83

Mid Stone
Mediterranean camouflage
XF59:1 + XF60:1

Azure Blue
Mediterranean camouflage, lower surfaces
X16:2 + XF2:10 + XF18:5

Dark Mediterranean Blue
Seen on some Beaufort bombers in the Mediterranean
X3:10 + XF2:1 + XF19:1

Extra Dark Sea Green

Extra Dark Sea Grey
Temperate Sea Scheme (FAA)
XF24:50 + XF2:6 + XF8:3

Dark Slate Grey
Temperate Sea Scheme (FAA)
XF11 + 63?

Light Earth
Overside lower wings on biplanes "Shadow shading" scheme, RAF

Light Green
Overside, lower wings, "shadow shading", RAF

Light Slate Grey
Overside, lower wings, "shadow shading", FAA aircraft

Dark Sea Grey
Overside, lower wings, "shadow shading", FAA aircraft
XF24 (XF54)

Sky Grey
FAA aircraft between 1938-1939

Interior Grey-Green
Interior finish
XF5:1 + XF21:3 + XF65:1 or XF71

RLM color mixes for Tamiya paints

After years of building models I have found tamiya paints among the best.  But finding the correct mix a pain in the butt.  Found these on BritModeler  sight. 

RLM 02 Grau
Interior colour, also used as overall colour on prototypes
XF22:1 + XF49:1

RLM 61 Dunkelbraun

Pre-war splinter scheme

RLM 62 Grün

Pre-war splinter scheme

RLM 63 Hellgrau
Pre-war splinter scheme. Also used for overall schemes. Some sources claim that this and RLM 02 are the same colour

RLM 65 Hellblau

Lower surfaces
XF23:1 + XF2:1

RLM 70 Schwartzgrun
Wartime splinter scheme
XF62:1 + XF49:1 (XF27, XF13)

RLM 71 Dunkelgrun

Wartime splinter scheme
XF62:1 + XF49:1

RLM 74 Graugrün
Top camouflage on fighter aircraft from 1941. Also referred to as Dunkelgrau.
XF24:3 + XF27:2

RLM 75 Grauviolett
Top camouflage on fighter aircraft from 1941. Also referred to as Mittelgrau.
XF24:5 + XF50:1

RLM 76 Lichtblau
Lower surfaces on fighter a/c. Also used extensively for night fighters.
XF2:7 + XF23:1 + XF66:2

RLM 79 Sandbraun
Mediterranean scheme
XF59:3 + XF64:1

RLM 80 Olivegrün
Blotches in mediterranean scheme

RLM 81 Braunviolett
Late-war topside camouflage
XF51:1 + XF64:2

RLM 82 Lichtgrün
Late-war topside camouflage. Often confused with 83
XF5 or XF5:1 + XF2:1 or XF5:1 +XF3:1

RLM 83 Dunkelgrün
Late-war topside camouflage. Often confused with 82
XF61 or XF24:1 + XF51:1

Light Green-Grey
Used towards end of the war on lower surfaces of fighter a/c

Monday, April 13, 2015

Wright Con 2015 IPMS Regional contest

This past Saturday I attend Wright Con 2015 the region 4 regional contest.  The contest was nice. On the plus side I got to go to the USAF Museum again.   My entry was a F-104 that I had fought with for two years.  Most of the time the model sat on the shelf of doom.  During the initial build I had accidentally knock off a tip tank fin.  I couldn't find it.  About a month ago while looking at a box with another model.  There was the fin.   It was glued it on. The rest of the build continued.   But I was still boomed.  In my rush to finish I neglected to attach the tail hook.  That is pretty well the kiss of death at a contest.

Here are the photos I took.   I wanted to take more but the isles happened to be to small. These made it difficult to take more pictures.  I may just start another blog with contest pictures.

My sad F-104C

Awesome HE-219 first place winner

Another amazing 1/72 model with scratch built interior by Mark Smith

Not sure if this was the first winner by Jack Oliver

Jeff Ownes 2nd  place?

First place winner

First place winner 1/72 FW-190D

Stunning work

Amazing work by Jeff Groves

Monday, April 6, 2015

Here comes Carthage....

Warriors of Carthage

Carthaginian Citizen Infantry

I just bought three box of Warriors of Carthage and two boxes of Carthaginian Citizen infantry. Plus shield decals.   Now my Romans will have a fight on their hands now.  It will be about three to four weeks before the miniatures get here.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Mustering the troops for Chunuk Bair

 Anzac commemorative project, in which over 100 New Zealand wargamers are painting 4,000 miniature soldiers for a huge diorama of the Battle of Chunuk Bair for the forthcoming Great War Exhibition to open in Wellingon on 18 April 2015.

More can be found here Mustering the troops


There has been a massive painting on New Zealand troops along with Turkish troop for a very large scale diorama of the battle for Chunuk Bair.   The figure are 54mm scale.  The Perry brother created and painted some these figures.  Along with a team of volunteers in New Zealand.

Perry Brothers viewing the troops.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Battle ground. A 70's TV series on wargaming from the BBC

Had to share this You Tube video series.  I found these very good that explains a lot about wargaming as a hobby.  So pull up your chair and watch.

Battle ground


  • by Doug C
  • 13 videos
  • Last updated on Feb 8, 2015
The legendary Tyne Tees TV series, hosted by Edward Woodward, and featuring wargaming legends Peter Gilder, Paddy Griffith, and John Braithwaite.

More can be found on these excellent Blog unfashionably shiny.blogspot