Saturday, April 18, 2015

Soviet Union WW2 Tamiya paint mix

Soviet Union/ Russia - WWII VVS colours

Brilliant Medium Blue (Light Blue?)
Underside standard colour used throughout the war period 1937-1945.
XF23 or TS23:1 + TS27:3

Olive Green
Upper surface overall colour, used throughout the war. Also used together with Dark Green in two-tone green scheme. The paint darkened with age to to 34151.

Medium Forest Green (Yellow Green?)
Factory-applied overall top colour, typical for Petlyakov, Tupolev and MiG aircraft between 1940-1942

Camouflage Black
Used together with "Tractor" Bright Green in the oft-publicised "tractor" scheme. 1941-1943

Dark Green
Alternate colour to "Tractor" bright green in the green-and-black scheme. Also used together with Olive Green in two-tone green schemetroughout the war.

Olive Green 2
A variation of Olive Green used in Black-and-olive scheme on on early Il-2s etc. 1940-1943. Also part of 3-tone scheme with Ochre Brown and Light Sand-Brown, alternatively Dark Earth Grey-Brown.

Ochre Brown
Used with Olive Green 2 in standard Il-2 factory camouflage from 1943. Also part of the later Southern Front standard scheme.

Dark Sea Grey
Part of standard topside scheme for all single-seat fighters from 1944 onwards. Also used for single-colour winter schemes on fighters from late 1943 onwards. Also used as primer colour.

IL-2 interior supposedly similar to RLM02
XF22:1 + XF49:1 or XF22 or XF23:1 + XF2:1 + XF21:? Or RLM 76?

AMT4 Green

AMT7 Blue

AMT6 Black

AMT11 Blue Grey
XF2:6 + XF18:2 + XF8:1

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