Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Best of show winner 2013 and 2015 built by Marc Schachter

Both of the pictured aircraft won best of show.   The P-51 won the 2013 nationals and the P-47 this year (2015).   Both were built by the same person.   Amazing work in my eyes.  All photos are off internet sites and facebook.

Best of  show winner 2013

Best of Show winner 2015
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Photo below by Steve N

Best of show winner 2015

2015 IPMS nationals results for Best of Show

This are from the SVSM gallery Here is a link to the gallery of winners.
Contest winners gallery 

Best of show winner:

I/48 scale P-47

Best Miscellaneous winner:

Scratch built U-Boat
Best Diorama winner:
Popular Best of show:
Best of show Armor

Saturday, July 25, 2015

IPMS national convention hall picture

I found this on one of my face books pages.   The picture ws taken by Jorge Moreyra.  Now one can see the scale of the convention floor.

Friday, July 24, 2015

IPMS nationals (Part 4) Prop fighters

Another Wright con winner.

The work put into this model was amazing.

This is interesting why because the model bellow is the same aircraft. But just a different painting interpetation,  

same markings as aircraft above

another model one had to see in person.

IPMS nationals (part 3) jets

Now for some Jets...

F-111 in natural metal.  Wish I took more pictures

Jaguar all the detail work made this model stand out.

This F-4 was a winner at Wright Con.  Hope the model places well.

F-8's are bad ass.  Great diorama.