Sunday, July 19, 2015

FW-190D from Hell

For the past month or so I have been trying to build a FW-190D for the IPMS nationals next week. It is an Eduard kit.   In the box it is a beautiful looking kit.  Well that is where the pretty spot.  It is a breast to put together.   At one point the kit was all assembly except for the machine cowl above the engine.   ARRRGH the cowl wouldn't fit. No matter how hard I tried to make it fit.  The only fix was to tear the fuselage apart.   Sand the bulkheads on the edge down and put it together.   In the process I lost the tail wheel. Broke off an exhaust stub for the hobby room monster the dwells there. The under wing shell chute was completely reworked between the wheels.  The correct type was gotten from a Tamiya FW-190A8.   Will post more pictures tomorrow.  It is Miller time right now ;)

  Another battle has been reshaping the propeller.  To make the propeller look like one that the FW-190D used...   Now pictures of the Beast.

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