Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Sorry that I have not posted anything in a while.   Looks like I'm going back to work in a month. My daughter need some surgery.  The night before the operation Blue Cross refused to pay. Being Dad I paid for the procedure.  What we were told as to the cost turned out to be a much high cost. This far I have put out 5,000 dollars and the bills are still coming in.  The surgery was an 1/2 hour long.  Now I need to recover the money out of my retirement funds. The only way to do that is go back to work.
 As one can imagine this has take away desire to paint miniature for the time being.  Only item I have been working on is FW-190 for the IPMS nationals.  The kit is an Eduard model.  The model has become a nightmare.  The assembly process is a mess.  This has caused me to fit the parts that turned out to be oversized.  Maybe I will post pictures later.  Life goes on.  As I was told early on "Life keeps on moving.  It does stop for you if you have problems. So buck up, get on with your life"

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