Sunday, July 19, 2015

X-wing miniature

Last night I got to play my first X-wing miniatures games.   I bought the game over a year ago to play with my grandson. But as things go I never got the game.   My good friend Anton invited me to come by to try the game out.   The mission was the run on the Death Star.  Kris one of the group in the group set the game up.   The main battle took place on the main gaming table.  As the attack on the reactor was on a small table to represent the bombing run in the trench.

I was duly put on the Empire side..  Otherwise known as the meat in the sandwich so to speak.   After the first two turn the Tie arrived.   As my normal luck I came in against Luke.   My pilot skill were a 3 and 4.    My valiant effort to defend the death lasted three for the skill 3 pilot and 5 turns for the skill 4 pilot.   Lesson learned don't dogfight Luke.  He can fly circles around a low level Tie fighter pilot.   As the Tie fighters dropped to half strength the game master roll for three more Tie fighters to enter the broad.     These poor fellows became the desert for the Rebel aces.  But I got one to follow in the Y-fighters into the trench.  Got a a few lucky hits along with Vader to knock out a fighter.  As the Empire flew out of the trench the rebels ace dove in.   The turrets got a couple.  But wedge knocked out the reactor.   As the badly beaten Empire was trying to race back to the trench entrance.  Eight Tie-fighter against a pile of the Rebel Aces (6) and to skilled y-fighters turned out to be no match for the Luke and the force.

 Today I watched the you tube video on the X-wing miniatures. Wished I had seen this yesterday.  My Tie Pilot might have last a couple turns longer.    May the force be with you.

X-wing game Tutorial

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