Sunday, October 25, 2015

How to make a fexible terrain mat

How to make a flexible terrain mat

Follow this great article on Operations  wargaming.   Victor the owner of the blog has a step by step instructions on make a flexible terrain mat using sand, paint and chalk.  Please note not silicon chalk. The cloth is canvas the is fastened down on some plywood.  This is for two reasons to keep the canvas from moving and keeping out winkles.
All the pictures are our Victors.   For more information check out the link above to see his excellent work..

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Guide on how to use photo etch tools

Found this interesting.  I decided to share this with the people that blog this blog.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Redemptio Animae.... Check out this e-book

 Interesting new book just released by amazon e-book. 

 Here is the story line.

 Catriona “Kit” Witmer was a shooting star in the Secret Service. When a high profile detail goes horribly wrong, her career is derailed, leaving her to fall into a bottle. Forced to pick up low level celebrity security details to keep herself afloat, Kit is set on a path of self-destruction and increasing isolation.

Claire Avondale is a Senator in need of discreet protection that falls outside of the normal security details offered by the government. Increasingly targeted by religious fanatics for her progressive push of policies in support of genetic research, Claire soon finds herself being hunted by the very people who are supposed to protect her.