Tuesday, February 9, 2016

M41A3 Bundeswehr for Cold War gaming

Okay having started my maddest for a 1950's to early 1970's Bundeswehr panzer force.  The first tanks will be the good old M41 by Battlefront.  This is from their Vietnam set.   What I like is that some of the commander have  berets.  Fits perfect for my needs as the German used berets.

The models are assembled. Next into the priming phase.   All need is to find the Bundeswehr organizational chart.

photo by P.Moss
photo by P. Moss


  1. I too am all about Bundeswehr HEER I and II organization, 1955-1969.
    Too start with my I suggest Micromark org charts, List G203M, G201M,G202M. Also Tankograde # 5002 The early years of the Modern German Army.

  2. Thank you Worth. I will look into the charts. I feel this would be an exciting period to wargame. It would be a one shot one kill type of battle.

  3. If you go to this link http://www.fireandfury.com/orbats/modcwwestgerman.pdf It gives you the 1980 Bundeswher