Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Battlefront's M1 ready for inspection.

Okay I know I have failed to post pictures.  Things like retiring from work got in the way for posting picture.  The M1 by battlefront is a work of art.  This company has hit a home run with their new plastic line on models. 

My M1 is an early production model late 70's eary 80's.   My cold war period I plan to game will be from the late 1950's t mid 1980's.   To me this period might be a litte more exciting than the later period.  One shot one kill can get boring to play.   One side or the other may never fire shot. Why because they got wiped out in the open fire fight.

The color is dark green 34079 model master painting.  The dirty is euro dirt from Vallejo. Now the pictures.


  1. Top job on that tank. Looks the business. Cheers

  2. Thanks Kiwi. Glad you like the M1