Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Review of Battle fronts M1 Abrams Tank Platoon

First of all this tank is simply the best plastic tank so far the they have made.   The Platoon came in the mail today.   I couldn't wait to put my grubby hands on the model.   Opening the  box was this well detailed 15mm Abrams tank.  The only problem was what parts make up the M1 or M1A.  As it turns out you have to go to the Yankee team site to sort it out.

  Thankfully there is a short video explaining what part you need to make a M1.  In the near future I hope to have a finished model posted.  But I'm trying to finish some models for the upcoming IPMS Nationals starting Aug 3rd.  At the very bottom are some drawings of early Abrams in service 1980 time frame..  Hope this helps anyone building a early M1 Abrams

You Tube video..

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