Saturday, September 17, 2016

Daisho Samurai and more. Aly Morrison Citadel figures.

 Digging through my lead pile I discover my Japanese Samurai.    These poor figures have not seen the light day since about 1992.  Wow 24 years they lay hidden away in my Oriental D & D box.  Back then my children were in their teens.  Now 40 & 36!  We played Oriental D & D with a small group of friends.   It was an exciting group and good times.  But like most group the older player left for college. Only to be married, than move far away.  Some of my figures are painted. Others are in white primer....   I could hear them, " Lets start a new adventure" they whispered.   Warrior of Daisho are raising to battle again.

Here are the pictures. Surprisingly Foundry still make them...      Here is  look from Foundry's Catalog.

  These are still great figures.....

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