Thursday, October 27, 2016

Rules for Walkers and Steam tanks for In Her Majestys Name from the author

I  had a question of Walker and Steam tank.  For possible used in "Men who would be kings" for a VSF twist.   Here is a reply by the author.  Craig answers any questions on quickly on the facebook pages based on his rules.

SDRS is Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun, a companion to IHMN. Looks like I need to purchase another books.


  1. You and me both, sir. You and me both.

  2. I just received both copies in the mail. Everything one could want is covered in both books. Flying craft, steam boats, steam trucks, tanks and steam horsed for the US.Cavalry. With this an the additional gangs from all corners of the world. IHMN is a full meal deal so to speak. With the dystopian type figure your off and running.