Monday, October 10, 2016

The men who would be Kings rule set.

 I had pre-ordered these rules back in July.  They arrived in the post just before I left for vacation.  Basically I had a quick for at the rules.  In some ways the play is similar to Blood Eagle and Daisho.  These rules are what my current interest is in. Basically because I have the figures already purchased.

   I think these rules can be pushed into the Pulp fiction era.   So 1930 at the tops.  A little of Indiana Jones type of game play.   I your interested there is a Face Book page for the rule set.The Men who would be Kings

The author post on the link below.  The Dux Rampant Forum.  Scroll down a little ways to find the correct forum.
Dux Rampant

I hope people will post here are what they think about the rules...

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