Sunday, November 20, 2016

Boer War Block houses for MWHBK Part 1

There is a upcoming campaign coming with the group I game with.  It is going to be VSF themed campaign.  Each country will have forts an economy. Plus raided each others territory for goodies.  I have been searching for proper period Forts.   It turns out that google is my friend.  During the second Boer war the British build around 400 fort across the territory.   From small squad size to full blown Forts.   This what I found.  Now I got figure out how to make them.

Warmsbath Block house


  1. Wow! such variety.....if they had been built by the Germans they would have all been identical! Down to the millimeter ;)

  2. Seriously, draw up some plans in 28mm and I will knock out a couple of them in blue-board. You are a far better modeller than I am so I will leave the finish effects to you