Friday, December 30, 2016

French Battle ship that Anton needs to build.

Here you go Buddy...  Sparta Con addition to the French fleet.  You can check out Antons new ships here.  New French ship

 Dimensions: 347’6″ OA x 65’5″ x 29’3″ Displacement: 10,900 tons. Armament: (2) 13.4″/28 cal. M1881 BLR, (2) 10.8″/28 M1881 BLR, (8) 5.4″/45 M1888 QF, and (16) 47 mm guns; (4) 15″ TT. Armor: Compound type. 17¾”/15″ belt, 16″ turrets and barbettes; 16″ conn; entire bow and ram reinforced with 3″ armor. Fuel capacity: 670 tons of coal. Propulsion: 2-cyl. compound steam engines developing 10,600 hp, shafted to twin screw; 16 knots. Re-engined 1899 with 4 sets 3-cyl. vertical compound steam engines developing 12,000 hp, and 18 Belleville boilers; made 15.9 kts on trials. Crew: 611.

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  1. Completely Bonkers !
    I love it!
    It looks like an angry hotel!

    I would never get it done in time for the Con.....
    Next year perhaps.