Thursday, April 20, 2017

Another Great video on No 1 MKIII enfield by Rob

Another great video shooting the Enfield.   Rod has made another excellent video of the rifle and its use in WW1.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

100K views a mile stone for this blog

I thought I would not reach this point on this blog.  But I finally made it.  Thanks to all the folks that view this blog.  I know that I need to put out more pictures of my work.  More AAR reports but gaming has been very far between for me.  Thinking about doing solo gaming a try.  Also need to start selling off the mounts of figures that I have used in years.   Ebay will be getting some posts to sell off my 15mm ancients.  The sad part I painted these back in the last of the 80's. They never got used in a game....  Again thanks for following this blog.

Old Sarge

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Japanese Goblins

 Trying something new.  I used my wife cellphone to take picture of these little devils.  Really need to make a photo booth to take pictures.   But back to the Goblins.   These are the one made by AEG for the Five Clans miniature game.  The sculpts was amazing.   The Clan mniature can be found on ebay.

Antony Barton's painting guide.

AB miniatures to me are the Best miniature in 15mm around.   I can look at his figures for hours.   Basically marvel at the detail of his work.  Lately I have been collecting his excellent 20mm WW2 figures.  This is an outstanding line of miniatures.   So I got a little off track here.  Today I discovered that is painting guide is back on line.   Mr Barton gives your a step by step guide how to paint his miniature.    Here is the link to that article: Painting small figures

Images below are reference from his guide.   All credit belong to Antony Barton for photos.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Check out Skull and Crown Blog

I found this blog on the Face book page called "Oldhammer in a new world"   The group is using the the original Warhammer Fantasy books.    I still have some of mine.  I enjoyed playing the old version.  This is before the magic part became over powering.  All photos are from the Skull and Crown for reference only.

Skull and Crown. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Ninjas for Daisho

Here is part of my ninja collection for Daisho, Oriental D & D and other RPG rules.   Boy these figures have been hiding in a box for since the 1987.   Haven't bought the Daisho rules and Ronin rules I had to find these battle harden veterans for a Oriental D & D campaign.   That campaign lasted  5 yrs before the group broke up.   As of late I have been buying up the oriental adventures off Ebay.  The one I'm having problems finding the the Yakuzi adventure.   That was the first big campaign I played with my son and daughter.   Here are the picture of my ninja clan.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Nato 86 / southern front 15mm Spanish forces by Totentanz Miniature

Just found this on facebook.  Totentanz Miniature is in the progress of manufacturing  Nato Spanish Army.   The figure and vehicles are very well done.  AMX30 tanks, VEC 90 heavy recon vehicles, BMR wheeled APC and more.   This is great for Yankee team.   Check out the link to Totentanz:NATO 86/ Southern front

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Copplestone Colonial miniatures

Copplestone has two lines of miniature that would fit into the MWWBK colonial period.  Darkest Africa and Back of Beyond.   Darkest Africa is the German vs British colonial figures.   While Back and Beyond is Bolsheviks, White Russian, Chinese and British.   The Back and Beyond would be a better fit for In Her majesty's name or VSF.   Personally I think these are just kool figures to have.

Copplestone can be found here: Copplestone castings.  Now for the pictures.

Big Game Hunters

British Naval Officers

British naval landing party

German Officers

German Marines

German East Africa Company Askaris

Schutztruppe Askaris 

More British Sailors

Friday, March 31, 2017

Pulp Figures for use it MWWBK

Pulp figures makes some miniatures that would be late colonial period.   Early 1900's to about 1930.  Also I think they would fit into VSF.   Bob Murch is the sculptor and maker of there figures.  The Zepplin crew is nice.   These maybe out of the time frame most will be playing.  But the figures are just plain kool.

Link: Pulp Figures
Imperial Germans

Zeppelin crew

Imperial Japanese Naval Forces

U.S. Marines


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Age of Aetius & Arthur rules

Does anyone know who sells these rules in the US.  No one seems to have any Saga products in stock.  I have most of the rule sets but have slowed down on buying new version due to the lack of people interested in the game in my area.   The rules are rare as hens as my father would say.  Thanks

THANKS for everyone the answer.   I ended by buying the rule from Arcane Scenery and Models in the U.K.   The shop was cheaper that buying in the US.  Plus 4.35 shipping is heck of deal.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Bundeswher Tank equipment charts via Fire & Fury

This I figure would great for the people at are following my Bundeswher Cold War Army build.  I've several question on the tank TO&E for the Bundeswher.   This might help out.

German is Leopard /red in M48A2G2

Victoria Miniature 28mm VSF

Victoria Miniature has very interesting line of resin figures.  These are a perfect fit for the VSF.  The miniature are based for 40K of Warhammer.   The miniatures are 30mm scale but should fit in with most of the figures I have reviewed.  I think you will like them as the poses pretty nice. Speciality the Womens squad, they look pretty bad ass.   Here is a link: Victoria Miniatures.   Now you can check out the complete line of miniatures.