Saturday, February 4, 2017

Flintcon 4 Feb 2017 my report.

This was my first trip to FlintCon.   From where I live it is  an 1 hr 1/2 drive.  It was a bitter cold morning.  But I put on my big boy's coat hopped into my car.  So started my quest.  My quest was to play the Pathfinder Card game.

A gentleman named Mike was the person running the game. One other fellow joined the battle whose name has slipped past me.   Both of us where new to the game but had purchase the game in the past.  Looks like both of us had the same problem.  How to play the card game. The rules and the explanation in the box was vague.  In some ways confusing.   Mike the game master told us do worrying you will in a short while see how the games works...  Damn if he wasn't right.

Mike's guiding hand for the first scenario cleared up all my confusion.  He was a wizard of the first order with the rules.   It was a fun filled game.   During the game Jen , Mike's wife came by to talk to us about the game and if we enjoyed.   I responded that I wish I knew people in the my area.  Jen told one problem.   That she could help me out.  Ten minutes later I had a contact person in my area. Also a couple of email address...   This is all a part of the Pazio  Society.   Again I wish I had their last names.   Big shout out to Mike and Jen...   Many thanks.

The fat old guys is me.  I really do game.

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