Tuesday, February 21, 2017

WW2 RPG Operation White House.

A few weeks background I found this RPG game called Operation White House.   It turns out the game is basically D & D role player.  The difference is your playing WW2 Special Ops.  The party is 3 to 6 players.   You can be commandos, SAS, OSS, Paratroops or any small group action.

The character class are

Charmer  ( Basically a Bard)
Tactician\ ( Brains of the Operation)
Combat engineer (The person that likes to blow things up)

Plus a couple of other classes I won't go into.   Planning to have our groups first game on the 4th of Feb.  The operation is a raid into Norway.   This was the first big commando raid into Norway.  Been digging through my figures.  I have most of them.

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