Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Studio Miniatures 1890's British colonial period troop

Today I'm posting pictures of the Studio Miniature excellent 1890 British troops.  This is part of the earlier posting to show how many miniature companies are making 28mm colonial period figures.  Hope people are following this thread of  figures for MHWBK... Please note I did not paint the figures. These photos are off the Studio Miniatures page.

    The miniature can be found here: Studio Miniatures

British Command 

British Mounted officers

British Infantry loading

British Officers


  1. Wonderful look to the figures! Would you mind sharing the paint colors you used for the uniforms?

  2. Uniform color:
    Base Flat Earth 983+Brown Sand 876
    1 Light Brown Sand
    2 Light Brown Sand+Iraqui Sand 819