Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Flesh washes for your miniatures

Early last year I dropped my bottle on good old Citadel flesh wash.   The one in the old hexagonal bottle.  This was the best flesh wash around.   The bad part it has been OOP for years.  Lately I have been trying to find a replacement that comes close.  Paint du colour wash for flesh is blah.  The army painter wash is so-so.   The new Wargames Workshop Reikland wash is not bad.  But I still am trying to find the perfect flesh tone wash.  On TMP I read posted  article on Flesh washes.   Here is the link:Comparing Flesh washes.

If anyone out there has their favorite wash.  Please post your suggest in the comments on this article below.

   Here is a tip.  I found if added a drop of Vallejo glaze in my watered down flesh  wash.  The wash flows better.


  1. I really like Vallejo Game Color flesh wash (which isn't covered in the nice article you linked), but I don't think it is similar to the citadel one.

    1. Thanks Bark. I will have to look into purchasing a bottle

  2. I make my own mix now using Daler Rowney Red Earth acrylic ink, plus some drops of brown ink and flow improver. This gives quite an intense wash which can go a long way with some extra water.

  3. Thanks Jack. I will hae to try your mix. I think that would be a good long term fix for my flesh wash.

  4. ten drops of Future floor wax, ten drops of water, one drop of Americana Russet brown and the tiniest bit of Burnt Umber, it works best over a fairly pink flesh tone base