Monday, May 22, 2017

War Store... Excellent service. This is why I purchase my miniatures from them!

I can tell this is very true.  My order for some Perry Miniatures has gotten lost in the dark space of the USPS.  The package got as far the Mid Processing and Distribution ctr in NY.   This was way back on the 7th of May.  Next on the track number it shown in transit to destination.  On this date all tracking stopped.  I filed a postal notice for a missing package.  Also took a trip to my local Post office.  Well you can figure it out.   The reply was "Its in the mail...DUH."   Where is it?  Basically the tracking number is useless..   It is a make you feel good deal.

   Now on the Warstore end.   Brianne the Miniatures Goddess came to the rescue.   She just asked me to do a few things to verify the problem.   If the package didn't show to call her.   I did...  Being the Goddess of the Warstore.  Problem fixed the replacement is on the way...   That's it problem fixed...

Package is coming UPS...  The moral is this story.. Make the WarStore your first stop...

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  1. I have dealt with the War Store dozens of times and always with the same successful result. Once when I had a problem with receiving the wrong product, they sent me the corrected item almost immediately. Can't ask for better service!