Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Getting better... Slowly

 I saw a spinal rehab doctor..  The doctor is a Chiropractor that specializes in lower back and neck pain.  It is working I feel a lot better.  No tears in my eyes when I move now.   The Doctor determined my right leg was 4mm shorter.   The X rays showed my spine up against the nerve.     The problem is my  additional supplement health insurance doesn't recognize Chiropractors.  My cost is going to be close to $800 dollars for the full treatment.  This is the uncovered part of Medicare.   It worth it as the pain is going away.  Now with my bad luck, I twisted my left knee some how.  This knee has a bone chip that likes to move around.  It is hurting making climbing stairs a tough one.  But I except this I am not a young man anymore.   So much for the golden years of retirement.   Its a lie.. ;)

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  1. Jeez Gary that's not good mate. I hope you get soon soon.