Sunday, June 25, 2017

Her Majesty Attack Walker with 37 mm Gatling gun

It seems the campaign for Neulandia is heating up a bit.   With the appearance of  United States Steam robot.  Now the Mexican force have automated their cavalry.  Plus the use of the new American Model T Ford.   The British Expedition has quested support.

 What I did was go to Ebay to find some 40K Imperial Guard walkers.  At least I could find some fairly inexpensive (Cheap).   There I found a used Sentinel at was perfect.   All I had to do was make look like it came from the Victorian  SF period.    In order to do that I removed the Imperial Guard eagle. Cut off the guardsman's head.   The head was replaced with a spare head from the Perry Miniatures British Colonials set.   For the repaint I picked the color off the British Steam Engines of the period..   Hope you like them.  If you have comments or suggestions please post in the comments section. Oh I'm looking for 28mm British flags decals to place on the walker. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction.  


  1. Love your work on that one Gary. Mate did you add some rivets as well? Looks great.

  2. The rivets where already on the model. All I did was high light them Games Workshop Hashut copper. Thanks for the kind words.