Saturday, September 30, 2017

Start a new Tab for Solitaire broad games

 As I grow older I'm finding it harder to find individuals to play some broad games.   Avalon Hills made a great number of great broad games.  Haven't forgotten about them over the years I recovered them just shortly ago.   To name a few B-17, Tokyo Express, Patton and few more.  I got lucky to find on Ebay a seller that has all the games on Disc.   Here is the link to the seller: Tony Software shop.  For 10 bucks I received 8 complete game with numerous articles.   On Evil bay B-17 was going for outrageous prices. 

Next I discover ASL Solitaire.  I never realized how big of a presence this is.  Google turn a every large number of sites.   Some are dead but many are still going.   One that is going very strong is Gamesquad: Gamesquad   This is like the mother load of broad games.


Not sure how many people are following my Easy Eight posts.  To me this is the forerunner of Too Fat Lardies Chain of Command.   So I got very little feed back of that tab.

Currently I'm looking for this.  Right now it will cost me a kidney to buy.  Hope people are enjoy my blog.

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