Saturday, November 4, 2017

Firing an RPG from a building

Well this is interesting.

Check out the training command link  RPG US army training manual.

What happens if an RPG is fired from a closed room or with a person/something behind?

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Carl Hamilton

If you mean RPG-7 which i assume you do since you just say generic RPG, then you’ll probably feel some ringing in your ears and maybe not be feeling great. But it’s perfectly fine to fire an RPG-7 from indoors. If you by closed room mean a closset, I guess that would be bad, but where would you ever find a closser to fire an RPG out of anyway?
And RPG-7 isn’t like the american rockets. The american rockets are hard launched, and has serious backblast. An RPG-7 is a 2 stage rocket where the first is softer than an american rocket. The RPG-7 is launched out of the tube, but the main rocket engine doesn’t ignite until 10–15 meters after launch.
If you look at this image you’ll see the right bit is the booster, then followed by the main rocket engine, and finally to the left the warhead.
During the US analysis of the RPG, it spesifically states you can fire the RPG-7 from indoors, bunkers and closed spaces.
Completely contrary to popular belief and people who don’t understand that not all rockets work the same way and like to answer questions without even attempting to look this up, you do not die from firing an RPG indoors, or in closed space with something behind it, though it may no feel very nice.
Here is a video of an RPG being fired indoors in very confined space, the guy is absolutely fine.
I highly recommend reading the US analysis of the RPG as everything i have said is explained by US engineers in better detail.

From the US Army Training doctrine  

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