Friday, March 24, 2017

Brigade Games VSF miniatures by Paul Hicks

Here is another bunch of VSF miniatures.  This time made by Brigade games, by the way gets a lot of my money.   The line is some of the nice sculpts made.   These miniature can be found here. VSF - Steampunk

Now for the pictures.

Empirical Russians 

The Prussians with breathing gear

British with breathing gear

Prussian Commander

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Selling off my Ral partha colonials

It is time to clear out the dungeon of doom.   I found my painted Zulu by Ral Partha.  Back when I bought them these where the figures to have.   Going to post pictures later.   Most are based on 20mm dia bases.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ironclad Miniatures VSF for MHWBK

Oh, this company is going to put a hurt on my checkbook.   Ironclad miniature makes a very wide range of the VSF miniature.   The company take paypal...   You can view the complete line here.Ironclad Miniatures    Their includes the 2nd Afghan war and Boxer rebellion.

Steam tanks and Walkers

British VSF boarding party 


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Black Tree Design miniature 28mm Colonials miniatures

Today I'm profiling Black Trees miniatures.  Having bought their Boers for the Neulandia campaign, I found that they fit in very well with the Artizan miniatures that I have.    These figures can be bought here from Black Tree design USA or Black Tree design U.K.    Here is the link: Black Tree design miniatures.

Looking to find some VSF miniature post.   But now for the pictures Black Tree design miniatures.


Boer Cavlary

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Artizan Designs Colonial British miniatures

Today is Artizan Design's 28mm Colonial range of British and Punjabi troops.  I have to say I do like Artizan miniature.  They paint up well, plus some nice poses.   In the USA  Brigade Games cares the line.  Link: North West frontier figures

 So you can purchase from Artizan in the U.K. Link: Artizan Designs    In the past I have purchased figure from both companies.   They provide excellent service.
Tea time.

Add caption

Winter gear

Highlanders advancing

Guides Advancing

Punjabi Troops

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Studio Miniatures 1890's British colonial period troop

Today I'm posting pictures of the Studio Miniature excellent 1890 British troops.  This is part of the earlier posting to show how many miniature companies are making 28mm colonial period figures.  Hope people are following this thread of  figures for MHWBK... Please note I did not paint the figures. These photos are off the Studio Miniatures page.

    The miniature can be found here: Studio Miniatures

British Command 

British Mounted officers

British Infantry loading

British Officers

Monday, March 13, 2017

Amazing terrain made by Shrewsbury Wargames Society

Found these pictures on one of my facebook sites I follow...  Had to share these with the people that follow my blog.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Tiger miniatures German Colonial troops

This should get my buddy Anton very excited as his forces in the campaign are Germans.   Tiger miniatures has some very unique figures in this line..  Where else would you find  Somoa Fita Fita troops!    

German Colonial Troops

Krupp Artillery piece

German Command

German Colonial troop with Hat

Regular Askari troop

German Troops in Sun Helmet

Somoa Fita Fita.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Tiger Miniature Spanish Troops for 1880-1900 Spanish- American war

Again Tiger Miniatures fills in an era the isn't very well covered in the miniature world.  These Spanish 1880-1900 is very large.   The Spanish troops versions are with slouch hat, Sun Helmets, Militia, Cuban/Spanish sharpshooter, Spanish marines, Cavalry and artillery.

Spanish 1880-1900

Spanish Regular with slouch hats

Spanish Cavalry 

Spanish Comand

Spanish with Sun helmets.

Tiger Miniatures for MWWBK American Troops 1880 -1900 Spanish - American War

Tiger Miniatures out of  the U.K. has a very large range of 28mm miniature.   Most of which will fit perfect for a MWWBK campaign.   Their complete Collections can be found here.

Tiger Miniatures

Also the miniatures can be purchased in the U.S. Recreational Conflict.

Now for pictures.
American 1880 -1900

Rough Riders

Teddy Roosvelt

Colt Machine gun

US Marines

Friday, March 10, 2017

Hinterland Miniatures for the Victorian age and later.

  This is the company I purchased my excellent Pom-Pom gun.   The period is 1909 for the miniatures.   These are all fighting ladies.   If your army needs some kick butt women Hinterland fill it perfectly.   All I have to say these are some tough ladies...

  link:Hinterland Miniatures

Trench raiders 

Bier drinking troops

Sailor landing party