Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Battle Front 15mm M60A1/A3 tank

Yesterday my M60's arrived in the mail.  To some this is old news, plus other folks have done reviews. Here is my take.
    I have been waiting to someone to release a nice model of this tank for a while.   QRF's model was disappointing.  Basically it was a lump of lead.  Same goes with most of the other ones I could buy.   Well, I'm very pleased as it a excellent model of the M60.  In the future I will be buying more to convert in most IDF version.  If you are in the hunt for some M60's on the battle field.  I suggest you buy a few.

Below are scans of the M60.  The turret detail is very well done.  Same goes for the tracks.  I like the extra 105 barrels.  Those will end up on my Tiran 5 conversion of the T55 .

IDF M60 73 war

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