Friday, June 15, 2018

My miniature gaming started here.

A trip down memory lane in the world of  gaming.  Do you remember what store or shop got you started life long pursuit of spending your hard earned dollars.    I do here it is.  The building was once the Alcove Hobby Shop.  The Mecca for miniatures gamer's in Detroit.  On it is a print shop. If the walls could talk. One could still heard if you listen closely the many famous tales of battle

The Old Alcove Hobby Shop.

 MICHIGAN'S GAMING HERITAGE: This is the former location of the store that was the hub of most all gaming in the tri-county area. ALCOVE HOBBY STORE. Located on 12 Mile Road in Berkley, it was run by Bob & Joyce Boyle. This store was the place that introduced most of us to gaming and was the hub of the gaming community (in addition to the gaming centers). The store was very successful, and eventually the Boyles started an entire distributorship (Greenfield Hobbies) and the store would move to Woodward between 12 & 13 mile road, next to everybody's favorite Thai restaurant, Siam Spicy. They would eventually sell the store to a couple guys who, unfortunately ran it into the ground.

Last Alcove Hobby on Woodard.  Now an interior Design company


  1. The Squadron Shop, 1977, Bob Webb ran a WRG 2nd edition Romans vs Gaul game. I had the Gauls and very nearly pulled off a victory. I have never looked back since!

  2. I started with Bob Web also at the shop. But the best game was the micro armor game. Destroy a tank get a shot of Jack Daniels. Oh the good old days.