Thursday, August 9, 2018

Passing of Chris Robinson

It is great sadness that The Mould Maker notes the passing of Chris Robinson.
Chris died, and was cremated without fuss, this week.
A big hearted man, he struggled with cancer and its consequence for the last decade.
In life, a gamer (always a winner), a work college (the work smarter and harder type) and a friend.
For those that like a bit of game history, the picture below is of Chris's little place in GW history, all the Dwarves named in this White Dwarf ad, were real 'characters' around the Nottingham gaming circle... viking, bikers rockers to a man AND woman...
Chris is the proto-Troll Slayer with an axe on row three...
Silly little thing I know, but at this point I only want to remember the good stuff.
You, Sir, Are A Ruddy Legend...

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