Monday, March 26, 2012

The saga addiction continues

After digging through my mountain of completed and unpainted figures.  I discovered I had a Norman warband. The Kite shields are not the best.  May have to order some from Gripping Beast.  Hope to get a some pictures up soon.

The other projects are moving a long. The Panther "D" is painted, just needs to be weathered. Completed some Panzers IV F2's painted in a Gray and Tan for the Russia Front.  The early Stug III F is ready to be primed.  These have been on the back burner so to speak. I was waiting for the decal order from Dom Skelton.  They arrived today in the mail.  Need to post them. If you want some outstanding decals for 15mm Dom is the place to get them.

Here is a link to the saga forum. Amazing the amount of homebrew battle broads.  These broads cover the Samurai, Crusader, the Trojan Wars and more.  Check out the Broad.


  1. Almost got my 6 points of Vikings painted.

  2. I have enough painted Vikings from days long by to do a band, but I lack the rules.....

    The Trojan Wars boards look interesting, gotta dig up my old Foundry minis.

  3. Vikings, vikings eveywhere I look there are vikings!! John let see what I can do about the rules.