Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stug III surprise

My friend Anton had challanged me to make a Stug IIIE.  Well here it is..
Used the rear deck of the Panzer III. The short 75mm
gun is from the Panzer IV set.
Front view.

 What I did is simliar to the Early STUG IIIF.  But for making the E model the upper structure had to changed.  I may make a mold to make some more upper hull.  Think next ones I make I will use the Panzer III kit. This way I won't have to modifiy the lower hull. As one can see it is an easy conversion.


  1. This is a pretty cool conversion, sharing the cheap plastic love into early war.

  2. Thanks. I plan to fight a few early russian front battles in the future. Glad you like the simple conversion.

  3. Most Excellent!!! You sir are a creative genius!