Thursday, July 31, 2014

D & D and Critical hits pod casts.

 I found this site with pod casts with an on going 4th edition D&D campaign.  After the first few episode I was hooks.  The people are fun to listen too.  The Game Master make the campaign fun. Plus he keep the players on their toes.   The pod casts can be found here:Critical Hit.   To date there are 259 pod casts. They run from a 50 minutes to almost three hours.   Some adult humor but not offensive.

This brought back memories for the late 80' to early 90's of a group I played with.  The group did a mix of Orient D & D, regular D & D and warhammer battles.  I had a blast and sure miss the fun.  In the normal D&D I was a cranky Dwarf.   Who loved beer and pick fights.   His name was Bud Light...   HHMMMM  sound like a beer.   All most in the group was a male rogue, female elf,a Paladin and Warrior.  Being a normal Dwarf in character I would always make smart comments about Elfs.  The young lady playing the Elf would in turn dish the dirt back at me.    Boy do I miss those days.

Now I have discovered Pathfinder.  The plan is to get my 13 yrs grandson interested.  I hope to get him away for the DS which he is glued too.  Plus at a later date get him interested in historical gaming.

Where did I put my miniature of Bud Light..   AH the memories.

Let me know what you think of Critical Hit...enjoy.

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