Sunday, July 20, 2014

IDF M113 getting closer for battle

This was another project that was put on the back burner for the Leipzig Project.   The pictures arent the best.  Again the weathering is almost finished.  Didn't have an tamiya smoke paint for the diesel exhaust stains.   The exhaust tube on the side of the M113 is made from # 48 guitar string. The string comes pretty close to what the tube looks like.  Now I got ten more to do.  A command vehicle and 3 mortar carriers.   After this the plan is to MERDC camo for my future Germany skirmish.

 Added a Peter Pig IDF trooper to the vehicle.  Looks like he will work.

 View with guitar spring bend to look like the exhaust cover used by the IDF

All comments are welcome.  Hope you like my model...

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