Monday, July 7, 2014

Khurasan BMP1 review

  In the middle of my mad rush to finish painting my troop for the big battle.   I received my BMP's and mid 70's russian troops from Khurasan in the mail.

The BMP's are really little beauty's.  The models are cast in the normal light blue resin the Khurasan used.  The turret is cast metal along with all the hatchs.

 The BMP model set. It is composed of cast metal turret, missile and hatch. The main body & tracks are cast out a soft blue resin.

 The main hull of the BMP-1
 The tracks is a problem area. There is no way to attach the road wheel to the hull. As you can see the tracks are distorted some what.  But the fix is easy.

 On the side of the hull is a depressed are or for a lack of better words a channel. This area needs to be filed square.

 Next super glue these white styrene strip to the hull.
 The strips can be bought at your local hobby shop.  Attach the .060 thickness to the hull as shown above. The strip length is 1 3/4 inches long.   Glue the upper part of the track assembly to the hull with a thick slow clue super glue.  This will give you a little time to position the assembly to the hull.  Let cure.
 Next with the thin super glue. Squirt the glue between the road wheel and the styrene strip.  Now the  important part align road wheel and track up the like in the photo.  Be sure the track is flat.
 Another picture showing the styrene in place with the track glue in place.

 Turret here another small problem.  The hatch is just a bit to small.  But I got it to fit. Take your time here otherwise the hatch will fall into the open.  The attachment of the missile is tricky best way to attach it with the use of super clue quick set spray.  Last the commanders hatch is too small and falls into the hatch opening.  I will be putting in styrene post in order not to have the hatch fall in.

 Completed BMP-1
 Over the model is nice. Plus being the best BMP in 15mm scale.

In the near future I plan to post pictures on the painted model.  This BMP opens up what if battles in Europe in the 1970's and 1980's.

Thanks for reading the review


  1. They really are very nice bits of kit!

  2. The detail is amazing on the BMP. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. Muy buen detalle !Gacias por dibulgar "