Saturday, July 19, 2014

Leipzig the battle

The battle was fought on the 5th of July.  On my sector I had a grand battery and a town to defend.  The Prussian's were attacking on my front. Lucky for me they couldn't deploy their full strength at one time.  The right flank was block by a river and several bridges.

I was able to wear them down thanks to the grand battery awesome fire power.  By the time the Prussian Infantry made contact with my French they were pretty well worn down.  Brad's poor dice throws caused his troops to route back.   This give me a chance to retire my battalions to a better position to open their field of fire.  Too my bad luck as I was retiring his cavalry units attacked my forward artillery unit causing me to loose them.  It this point I couldn't use the grand battery as do to the fact my troops had become in the line of fire. 

At this point I which over to bombard the Russian grand battery of medium guns.  My heavy artillery pieces smashed his medium out of action.  After clearing the Russian battery from the field I was able to bring my few units of French guard cavalry to attack and drive off the Prussian cavalry.  In the process one of French battalions became split because them to route from the field to regroup. 

Now to the battle in the town the Prussians had been routed several times in the front of the town. But we had superior number in troops.  They just kept coming in wave attacks.   Finally they did get into the city. This turned in a bloody back and forth fight.  But Brad's dice failed him again at  critical time.  This caused a complete route of the Prussian force attacking the town.  It turn out good for Brad.   Why you say, it allowed him to build a grand Prussian battery in front of the town.  My troops at this were spent.  And could not advance out of the town.  To my left flank Pat with his poles was fight a huge battle against the Austrian stream roll.   Pat had good rolls and pretty well destroyed the 1st Austrian corp.  Just as we thought we had beaten off the Austrians.  Their guard corp showed.  These troop were run by John of Anton's wargame Blog.  Pat and I have become the meat in the Prussian & Austrian sandwich.    Later after a valiant effort Pat Pole's got crushed by the weight of the Austrian Guard corp.

Back to my front I had pushed back the Prussian infantry to just outside my grand battery.  I thought with was good we have a chance to win!   NOOOO...  The Prussian massive Guard cavalry corp showed up.  With a clear field to change it spell the doom of French weaken infantry brigades.  There is nothing like a massive Cavalry Corp charge..   We the French fought hard and long.  In the end we where driven from the field.

 anton's wargame blog  will have picture up shortly.  As I had a case of C.R.S (can't remember shit) an forgot my camera.

I will be posting more pictures of my freshly painted troops.  Now back to the 73 war.

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