Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Problem with orders.... ARGGGH!!

I just received my  Republican Roman Army deal from Victrix on Monday. On opening the box I had received only 3 of the 4 boxes.  I emailed them with no answer so far.  I didn't even get an invoice.  In the past I had orders British troops, an Austrian Army.  All arrived as ordered. Will post an up date when I get a reply..

Next my order can from Warbases.  They make excellent MDF movement tray and bases.  I ordered 20mm diameter movement trays with 20mm round bases.   OOPs the round bases won't fit in the 20mm movement trays..  I hope I didn't screw up on the base size.   I may have to have a fire sale on bases.. Good news Warbases sent me an immediate reply.  5 stars for them.

Not a good day for me... My Romans troops will be placed in a box until I get the correct bases..

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