Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rome is raising Part2, Warlords Republic Romans

Just finished up painting two boxes of Warlords Republic Romans. I tried a new style of painting the faces.   Tried ink this time as a wash.  I figured it was time to try something different.  

The Roman's are mounted on Warbases 20mm diameter bases.  The movement tray is their Impetus 120 x 60mm MDF try.  After trying to decide what or how to base them, which tends to drive one mad.  The Impetus style won.  Being a ten men unit it will work with Hail Caesar, Dux Britanniarum and possible for chain of command.  Casualties can be removed with little trouble.  Also I can use the figures as single base for Saga or skirmish battles.

Next is to finish the painting of the belts and shield.  Next up will be the new Victrix Romans and
Carthaginians.   I have like this period of history.  The armies are pretty well matched to fight each other.

Need a little help the Velites.  What would be good colors for their clothing,

One stand of Romans


War base Impetus 120 x 60mm stand


  1. Clothing was rather "non-uniform" throughout the ancient period. My recommendation might be colors like off-white, ice yellow, and even colors like pale blue or pale green. These would be colors that could be made easily from vegetable die and would fade quickly. The fact is that you can make them evenmore individual by using trim of single lines, straight or wavy and the occasional doubleline. I use acrylic paints and some of the colors from Delta ceram Coat work rather nicely for these "ancient" colors.
    I would probably keep colors like deep red for my veteran, heavily armored figures.

    1. thanks for your advice on the clothing. I will be making a stop at the local craft shop to pick up some Delta Cera Coat.

  2. Great looking Romans. The shields look real nice.